SUPER TURBO 1400   20 LT


Martini Super Turbo 1400 has a very high specific gravity and oxygen content. This combined with its extremely high octane rating makes it arguably the most powerful unleaded race fuel in the world today. Super Turbo 1400 contains NO MTBE or banned substances and is ANDRA homologated for Drag racing use. Super Turbo 1400 can be used straight or diluted down with 98 octane pump fuel to make an effective and economical alternative for vehicles only requiring octane ratings from 100 to 110.
Super Turbo 1400 is suitable for very high horsepower turbo and supercharged vehicles running boost levels up to 40psi and has been used in engines producing over 1400 rwhp.
Available in: 25 Litres or 205 Litres
Price: $199.95 AUD per 20 Litres or $1449 per 205 Litres

Bulk prices may apply to larger orders.